Tahlia Rainbolt, Ph.D.
Psychologist Specializing in Healthier Relationships
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Couple Therapy
Unresolved Trauma
Relationship Distress
Bulimia and Negative Body Image
Shame and Unworthiness
Life Transitions

As a clinical psychologist, my approach is multifaceted and individualized, and meets your unique needs through the versatile tradition of depth psychotherapy. Contributions from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) further inform my practice, as does growing research in attachment theory, neuroscience, and how compassion supports brain health.

EFT recognizes that people are inherently social and that we are biologically wired to create and maintain strong emotional ties with our partners and loved one. Compassion research recognizes that we have tricky brains, and that repetitive cycles of shame and self-criticism can become blocks to the closeness we seek with those we care about most. Together, these therapeutic approaches bring about new understandings and ways of experiencing belonging and love, including for ourselves.